September 21, 2011

You Should Blog

You should blog.

So my last post wasn’t exactly a rant on why you shouldn’t blog.  Gotcha.  I hope you’ll forgive the sensational title and stick with me while I detail five compelling reasons you should blog!

You should blog…

…to supplement or correct traditional media coverage.

A blog is no substitute for what amounts to a third-party evaluation of your firm.  A well-placed article in a key trade, lifestyle or mainstream publication is a testament to your work and status in the industry.  But the media doesn’t always tell the stories we want, when we want them, and sometimes they criticize us.  When they do get the story right, our target audience might not take notice.  A blog is a venue where you can tell the part of the story a publication missed, correct a misconception or misinformation, or promote a press mention, so that it’s seen by and makes an impression with more of your target audience.

…to demonstrate thought leadership.

No small part of landing new clients is convincing them that your firm is the ideal match for their project goals and constraints.  Authoring pieces that attest to your design prowess, innovative problem-solving, management capabilities, and client service record helps establish your team as subject matter experts.

…to cross-sell your services.

Most likely your organization excels across several different project types or market sectors, commercial office interiors and residential projects, for example.  Problem is that your client, a CFO, doesn’t know, or isn’t convinced that designed his warm modern residence can also design and execute a lean, long-wearing and high performance office space for his next start-up.  By telling stories about the range of project types you work on and framing the narrative to appeal to a certain market, you have the opportunity to make new services available to existing clients.

…to move up the impact of a project or company milestone.

A blog allows you to control the volume of information about a project and creates an archive for that content that continues to exist for any interested reader, long after you’ve moved on to the next project or idea.  With the blog, you can spotlight project news and insights as they happen, which allows you to leverage this expertise to land new projects much sooner than if you waited until completion.

…to wring every ounce of promotional value out of each project.

Every project your firm undertakes has numerous overlapping variables that define the project and your success. The media may help you tell one or two on your behalf, but what about the rest of the insights gleaned and lessons learned on the project?  It makes sense to tell them on a blog and to shape the narrative to target a particular client type, so that it benefits readers and supports your reputation as an industry expert.

By now it should be pretty clear that I’m generally in favor of blogging, provided that there’s a plan for developing original content and generating a readership.  If the idea of blogging appeals to you, but you’re uncertain how to integrate it with your existing marketing or communications strategy, tell us your concerns!  Maybe we can help!


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