How nice of you to stop by and read this bio. Since you’re here, let’s make this snappy. I launched ideaworks in 2005 after observing a need for authentic and value-driven marketing strategy for small to mid-sized architectural firms. I cut my marketing chops by coordinating communications for documentary filmmaker Frederick Wiseman. When I was offered the role of Marketing Manager at Maryann Thompson Architects, a Cambridge, MA-based contemporary design firm, I had a change of heart! Suddenly my marketing expertise could help shape the built environment, and I could work with a firm I admired to differentiate itself in the crowded Boston architecture scene. Clearly I wasn’t going to miss this.

ideaworks is fantastic fun. I get to collaborate with some of the area’s most intrepid designers, contractors, and artisans on marketing strategy that helps them do more of what they love, which is incredibly gratifying, since I have a weakness for well-designed spaces and finely-crafted objects. I’m a Certified Professional Service Marketer, which is the long way of saying that I understand the intricacies of promoting services and products whose values are sometimes difficult to articulate and quantify. Within this challenge is the opportunity to help clients differentiate; strengthen image; build relationships; demonstrate value; and become invaluable partners to their clients. Exciting stuff.