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Photo shoot management
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Become acknowledged leaders and experts in environmentally sustainable primary and secondary educational facilities.


ideaworks strategized a plan to pursue high profile design awards for Maryann Thompson Architects’ design of The Atrium School, a project ideaworks helped secure by conceptualizing and writing the proposal.

ideaworks organized and art directed the photo shoot to ensure final photographs emphasize the building’s creative reuse of an existing building, its sustainable design agenda, design quality and durability.

ideaworks identified multiple awards programs—AIANH Integrated Design/Integrated Development Awards, BSA K-12 Facility Design Awards, BSA Honor Awards for Design Excellence, and DesignShare Awards for the Future of Learning—to intensify exposure and introduce the project to different audiences.

ideaworks developed clean graphic layouts and compelling copy that present the project’s generative principles, design challenges, and design response to engage awards juries.


The project received high honors in all four awards programs, which publicized the news to their diverse constituencies.

The Atrium School benefitted from the positive media attention attached to its winning awards for its adaptive reuse of an existing building, which they have leveraged in fundraising and attracting new students and faculty.

Since receiving these honors, Maryann Thompson Architects has designed buildings for two new clients, one a private school, and the other a public school for the MSBA, where MTA fills the role of design architect in a partnership with an architect of record. Achieving honors for Atrium School deepened Maryann Thompson Architects’ penetration of the private school market while opening up public work, a market previously untapped by the firm, through strategic partnerships.