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Studio G Architects



Graphics by Whydesignworks
Photography by Charles Mayer


Utilize existing marketing assets to capitalize on the emergence of a new segment of a mature market.


Working with Studio G Architects’ principal, Gail Sullivan, ideaworks strategized a promotional effort designed around two project victories, one recent and another nearly a decade before, that spotlighted the firm’s understanding of issues particular to an emerging market sector, its design capability, and thoughtful approach to problem-solving.

ideaworks conceptualized and authored a case study for Studio G Architects, identifying key project issues, opportunities and successes, and framing them according to prospective clients’ priorities and concerns.

ideaworks conducted research into the target market to pre-qualify mailing recipients and hone the message.

As a proxy for Studio G Architects, ideaworks followed up with a phone call to each recipient of the mailing to answer questions and inquire about opportunities.


As a result of the follow-up calls, ideaworks acquired actionable intelligence about two projects that were proceeding on a fast-track schedule. Studio G Architects was invited to attend site visits and submit proposals for both. They were awarded one project, which is currently in design, and were among the finalists for the other.